Technical information

The hearth serves for grilling or quick roasting by a heat source /the embers/, which is the oldest way of preparing meal, especially meat. Grilled meat is very tasty and easily digestive. Since the time needed for preparing meals in a hearth is relatively short, the losses of biologically valuable substances are low and fat does not burn. In such a way the danger of formation harmful components is eliminated.


Garden hearth, as an element of garden architecture, enlivens the natural environment and enhances the utility value and attractiveness of gardens. Besides the basic use of the hearth for cooking meals, you can also enjoy sitting in front of a fire, which is placed in the back part of the fireplace. /It is enabled by ingenious solution of gridiron system/.

Technic solution:
The garden hearth consists of prefabricated monolithical units, which can be easily mounted by screwing. Contact surface between individual units must be sealed with putty, which is a part of the delivery. To rise a hearth, a firm surface /e.g. stone paving/ is needed. If the surface is not solid enough /e.g. lawn/ it is possible to order a hearth base.

Technical data:
At present, our firm produces two types of garden hearths Feďa 001 and Golem. Unlike Feďa 001, which serves for grilling and roasting, the model Golem enables also cooking a kettle goulash.

Basic dimensions:
height 2.46m / depth 0.60 m / width 1.20 m / weight cca 700 kg.


Golem: - 6 portions within 8-10 minutes /roasting, grilling/,
- 10-15 l of goulash /boiling/.
Feďa 001: 6 portions within 8-10 minutes /roasting, grilling/.
Combustion space of the models is cladded with firebricks, the purpose of which is to protect the monolithical units from high temperature. Technical solution of the gridiron equipment enables a continual producing of the embers. Suffice it to put logs on fire. The best wood to use is oak, beech, birch and conifers. It is also possible to use charcoal, that a customer can order from our firm.

The solution of gridiron equipment enables four ways
of cooking:
1. bottom /roasting/
2. side /grilling/
3. boiling /kettle goulash/
4. smoking /fish, chicken and turkey legs/
Bottom burning is used at roasting, whereas side burning is used at grilling on a turning grill. /The grill is powered by electric motor 220V or 1.5V battery./ An important part of the grill set is a stainless steel tray which catches the juice from grilling meat and prevent it from dropping down to fire. The customer interested in the model Golem can also buy a 10 or 15 l copper kettle.

Packaging and transport:
2 pc of Europallets /the producer has his own way of transport/.

Way of payment:
After receiving the completed order form, the producer will send an invoice and a sales contract to the customer. Delivery will take place within 2 weeks from signing the contract and receiving the remittance /by remittance order or by cheque/.