Our Philosophy


Garden hearth development was aimed at convenient food handling. It has been enabled by especially developed gridiron system, which is able to produce coal continuously by simple wood burning in a container. Food is prepared either directly on the grid made of food cast iron or on the rotary grid made of refined stainless steel. Grilling on the rotary grid makes use of side burning which helps to prepare a high-quality food since the contact with smoke is reduced to minimum.

Further garden hearth development was aimed at long term durability (working life) a clear evidence of which is an ingeniously elaborated combustion chamber coated with fire bricks which protect the hearth skeleton against the damage caused by high temperature.

As to the construction, the garden hearth is designed in a way to enable its widening sideward by attaching an additional side table of arbitrary length and shape. This variability enables also a corner placement of the hearth. If necessary, the construction of the hearth facilitates also the chimney body elevation. It is used mainly in case when the hearth is placed under a shelter and it is needed to get the chimney above the roof level.

The sale of successful models “FEĎA” and “GOLEM”, and the contentment of our customers is the result of our philosophy, which is based on high-degree professionalism from development to the final product realization.

Ing. Ivan Hodoši, the firm director