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We develop and produce outdoor fireplaces since 1994. Whole idea to start producing garden fireplaces was originated as a hobby the company's founder. Later, this hobby became the main business of the company. Development of the garden grills was mainly focused on functionality, ease of use and durability of the product, what we reached after many years of development grate system ARS, which is able to produce embers continuously by simple wood burning in a container... Therefore, each of our garden hearths is from basic equipped with ARS system and of course fireclay chamber.

The main advantages of garden fireplaces FEĎA & GOLEM.

• Up to 5 different kinds of meal preparation and this all in one chamber.
• Convenient operation (only bidding wood and by fire-stick regulates power of the glow).

• Continuous production of embers, possibility at any time to start grilling.

• You do not have to buy charcoal.
• Atmosphere and radiant heat burning wood during grilling.

• High and long life durability (high heat resistance).

• Guaranteed blast and removal of smoke and fumes into the chimney.

Advice for you
What to watch out by choosing a garden fireplace.
Carefully read the instructions for use of the garden hearts. Many of our customers “get burnt" by buying a cheap concrete garden hearth rather fireplace grill … The manufacturer's manual warns that the product is used for grilling just using charcoal or small amount of wood (about 5 kg max) but the customer didn’t read this manual and used larger amount of wood … thereafter high temperature caused fatal damage of the product.

Hodoši garden fireplaces are designed for those who in addition to preparing tasty grilled dishes also want to enjoy time with friends by an irreplaceable atmosphere of burning wood.

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Technical information

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